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Western Nova Scotia Exhibition

Words from our President:

First, I wish to congratulate and express my sincerest gratitude to all involved in making the 2016 Exhibition a great success. Second, I would be remiss if I failed to mention the tragedy that occurred prior to the start of the Exhibition; at times like these, we all must lean on one another for support and comfort.

In 2016, we were able to obtain and get a new office trailer up and running, providing improved service, aesthetics, and environment for those who work and visit the office. Thanks to funding changes from E.A.N.S., and the Board with the support of the Federal and Provincial governments, were able to purchase four portable bleachers, which can accomodate 800 people.

In the coming year, we will continue to work on succession planning, dealing with changing demographics, and improving infrastructure. Once again, thanks to all for your work and committment.

Mark Firth

President, Yarmouth County Agricultural Society

Western Nova Scotia Exhibition

The Yarmouth County Agricultural Society was formed in April 1842 and continued until 1949. The Township of Yarmouth Agricultural Society was formed in Hebron in 1865 and the first agricultural exhibition was held in Yarmouth on November 1, 1859.

The Yarmouth County Agricultural Society reorganized in 1867 and held its first exhibition in 1868 at Grand Parade and the Court House. Both Societies held exhibitions annually for several years. The 1880 exhibition had 1203 entries and an attendance of 5870 for the one day event. It was held in the new skating rink that the Society rented. In 1882, the Yarmouth County Agricultural Society became a district exhibition covering Shelburne, Yarmouth and Digby counties.

In 1893, the rink which had housed the annual event, was destroyed by fire. The Agricultural Society immediately purchased land on the corner of Parade and Pleasant Streets and constructed a new building, where a two-day exhibition was held two years later. The building was used as an armory during World War 1 and during this time, exhibitions were held throughout, but on a reduced scale. Unfortunately, in 1939, this facility was also lost to fire. The resent site, on Starrs Road, was purchased in 1946. An arena was built in 1952 and other buldings soon followed, including severl livestock barns, a fine-arts building and space for commercial exhibitors.

In 1997 the Society sold its land and buildings to the Town and Municipality of Yarmouth. The exhibition buildings were torn down in 2001 to make way for the Mariners Centre, a modern complex with two arenas. The Anthony Pavilion, a multipurpose facility, was constructed in 2003 which houses livestock during exhibition time. The Agricultural Society had portable livestock stalls built, which could be easily removed after the exhibition.

In 2004, the Agricultural Society purchased a Cover-All building to house the kiddie farm. The management of the Mariners Centre made a motion in 2013 to eliminate the use of dirt in the main bulding. The Agricultural Society and the Mariners Centre enlarged the outside warm up ring to 100 x 200'. A separate o hauling lane was also created, allowing multiple events to go on at the same time. The Exhibition celebrated its 155th anniversary in 2014.

Improvements and repairs in 2016 included replacing the old office trailer with a new one, creating a more open space around the food court and midway entrance. 4-H events were moved into the main arena to give more seating and a dedicated 4-H section. The commercial booth area was reconfigured into one open area, eliminating the use of aisles and allowing all booths the opportunity to be seen from anywhere in the building. In 2017, the Exhibition purchased 4 portable bleachers for more outside seating. See story above...


2017 Gate Attendance


100 Livestock Entries

140 Competitions

Over 75 Volunteers

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