Exhibitions Associaton of Nova Scotia is supported by the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture

Superintendent of Fairs and Exhibitions

2017 Report

Fairs and exhibitions are an integral part of the rural fabric of Nova Scotia. They have always provided an opportunity to showcase rural living to the general public, generate significant revenue for rural communities and offer a stage for local farmers to share their agricultural story.

The partnership between the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and the Exhibitions Association of Nova Scotia has been positive and productive. Exhibitions have provided a venue for promotion of local agriculture to the general public, networking opportunities for consumers and producers, a venue for rural adults and youth to present the projects and entries they have completed throughout the year and a significant business in rural communities providing employment and generating revenue for communities.

Department of Agriculture staff is committed to working with local fairs and exhibitions to assist with programming that features 4H and rural youth development, farm health and safety and agricultural education programs. Offering a broad, interesting and interactive family orientated program that meets the needs of interests of spectators will ensure they will return next year.

Nova Scotia Exhibitions are an amazing and unique event in the province that show off the best of rural living. We were very pleased to continue to support fairs and exhibitions in 2017 and really liked some of the great projects developed in 2017, and were especially pleased to see the grants were used to leverage additional funds that truly made a different in facilities across the province.

On behalf of the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture, we look forward towards continuing a positive partnership with your association and assisting with another successful exhibition season in 2018.

Submitted by:

Ruth Grant, BScAg:  P.Ag.

Superintendent of Fairs and Exhibitions

Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture

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