Exhibitions Associaton of Nova Scotia is supported by the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture

Presidents Report 2018

This was my first year as President of the Exhibition Association of Nova Scotia. We held our regular meetings in Bible Hill at the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus as this location is centrally located for all Directors to attend. I would like to thank the BOD for volunteering and attending meetings as we could not exist without them.

This year I attended 7 of the 14 Exhibitions leaving Digby County as the only Exhibition that I have not attended since becoming a Director. unfortunately, the Atlantic Agricultural Fall Fair did not have an exhibition this year.


This year we welcomed two new managers to our exhibitions; to the South Shore Exhibition, Gwen Olmstead and to the Shelburne County Exhibition, Karen Cox.

As always, 4H plays an important part in our Exhibitions as they showcase their Life Skills and Livestock projects. I was not involved in 4H in my youth, but have been very involved for the past 23 years as a parent, a leader, a volunteer and now as a grandparent. With the knowledge gained through competition and project completion, 4H members acquire the skills to become the leaders of tomorrow.

The Exhibition and Fair Managers, Presidents, Staff and Volunteers as well as members of the Department of Agriculture, put in many hours of hard work to prepare and present the successful exhibitions and fairs that we have here in the province each year. Exhibitions have been held in Nova Scotia since the first one in Windsor in 1765 and they continue to raise awareness in agriculture from the basic farming of years gone by to the new opportunities of today.

I would like to thank the Minister of Agriculture, the Honouurable Keith Colwell, for this continued interest and support of the exhibitions and fairs. With the partnership between the Department of Agriculture and the Exhibitions Association of Nova Scotia, we are able to present the general public with a more positivee view of agriculture in the province.

A special thank you to Ruth Grant, Manager of Extension and Outreach, NSDA who has provided much needed and appreciated guidance to the Executive and the Board of Directors of EANS.

Respectfully submitted

Barrie Bent

President EANS

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