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Annapolis Valley Exhibition

Starting in 1927 as the Riverside Guernsey Club Show, this event soon became known as the Annapolis Valley Exhibition.  It began as a one-day show, but became a two-day event in 1928 after a large tent was added to showcase indoor programs. The first permanent building to be constructed was the dining hall in 1930, which cost $1100.00.  A commercial building, cattle and horse barns, as well as a shed, have since been added.  The Exhibition has operated annually since its inception, and during the 1950's and 1960's had one of the largest Guernsey cattle shows east of the Royal Winter Fair.  The event was also famous for its fruit and vegetable displays.  The Riverside Stage was constructed in the late 1990\s and concerts have become a major attraction at the Exhibition. 

Improvements and changes made to the facilities and ground included the completion of a lean-to on the east side of the light horse barn, new roofing and siding on the cattle sales barn, new bleachers in the pulls ring and siding on the Riverfront Stage, new backdrop for commercial booths and a new sound system for the main ring.

Did you know?

During the off season, the facility is used for vehicle storage, 4-H events, cattle sales, redneck rodeo, light horse events and horse pulls.

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