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 Exhibitions Associaton of Nova Scotia is supported by the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture

 and rural communities,while providing entertainment, community pride and economic benefit for the Province of Nova Scotia.

The Exhibition Association of Nova Scotia is a non-profit organization promoting Fairs and Exhibitions in the province. We help showcase provincial agriculture and raise agricultural awareness in both urban

About Us...

Community Support

All Exhibitions in Nova Scotia rely heavily on the support of their community and surrounding areas to put on such large events. Without this support, we would not be able to do what we do.

If you would like to help support your community fair, please contact them directly to speak with local organizers. Contact information for all Nova Scotia Exhibitions can be found on the NS Exhibitions page. 

Canadians ate over 1.5 Billion pounds of beef in 2011 - equal to the weight of over 108,000 African Elephants!

98% of Canadian Farms are family-owned and operated.

One bushel of wheat can make enough bread for you to eat a sandwich for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 168 straight days. 

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I have many thoughts as I look back on the past two years. There have been many changes throughout the exhibitions. Some have new managers, some have new representatives on the EANS Board of Directors, and there are changes within the individual exhibitions such as board changes, volunteer changes and facility/infrastructure changes. EANS also is experiencing changes as we have been developing an updated Strategic \plan and are about to have some new board members and some new executive members for 2019. 

This year I attended 6 exhibitions and 1 fair where I was involved in opening ceremonies and evaluations. I also enjoyed many activities including 4H, talent shows, motor sports, draft horse competitions ans ex pulls as well as many commercial, home craft and agricultural displays.

The Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture is pleased to work closely with EANS to provide agriculture and 4H-based events to provincial exhibitions and community fair programs. Agriculture education events give the general public the experience of interacting with producers first hand, teaching children the importance of where their food comes from and encouraging consumers to buy local and in season.

The success of many large and small 4H county days, livestock shows, life skills displays, workshops and fundraising events rely on being able to use exhibition facilities. Approximately 850 4H leaders and 2400 4H members across the province.....

Fairs and exhibitions are an integral part of the rural fabric of Nova Scotia. They have always provided an opportunity to showcase rural living to the general public, generate significant revenue for rural communities and offer a stage for local farmers to share their agricultural story.

The partnership between the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and the Exhibitions Association of Nova Scotia has been positive and productive. Exhibitions have provided a venue for promotion of local agriculture to the general public, networking opportunities for consumers and producers, a venue for

2017 report

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fairs & exhibitions

Department of

agriculture report


Presidents report

2016 EANS Board of Directors and Terms

Spanning Generations

One of the best things about attending a Nova Scotia exhibition is spending time together as a family. Exhibitions promote family values, hard work, respect for animals, and community values. Nova Scotia exhibitions offer something for everyone; young and old.

From Hand to Hand

Handcrafts are becoming a lost art in today's society. One of the things that we love about Exhibitions and Fairs is the ability to teach the new generation about just how creative we can be. From needlepoint to cooking, we showcase every level of craftsmanship and provide local artisans with an ideal setting to share their art.


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